We believe self-care is not just a routine, but a refreshing ritual that rejuvenates your body and soul.

Join us on a journey to rediscover the essence of purity and freshness. Elevate your daily self-care routine and embrace the new, vibrant you! Immerse yourself in a fresh and oh so clean experience delivered right to your door every month. The So Fresh & So Clean Club is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their self-care regimen with products that are not only effective, but also ethically-sourced and free from the nasty stuff. Embrace a clean, healthy lifestyle and feel the difference with every use. Your wellbeing is worth celebrating - so why not make it a monthly occasion?


Clay & Tea Tree Deodorant

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Hey there, Fresh Finders! Have you ever dreamed of a deodorant so delightful it practically throws a dance party in your armpits? Well, dream no more, because the So Fresh & So Clean Club is here to make all your freshest fantasies come true!*

  • Powerful yet gentle clay and essential oils*
  • Aluminum-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free*
  • Glides on smoothly without leaving a sticky residue*
  • Long-lasting odor control that won't let you down*

Imagine strutting through life, radiating a natural glow and leaving a trail of envy in your wake. That's the power of our Clay & Tea Tree Deodorant. It's the perfect solution for anyone who wants to ditch the harsh chemicals and embrace a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. So why settle for less when you can have double the magic for less than the price of your favorite avocado toast? Say hello to our healthy, aluminum-free, essential oil-infused deodorant for just $7.49! Imagine this: you're strutting through life, smelling like a meadow kissed by the morning sun, all while your friends wonder, "What's their secret?!"*

Spoiler alert: it's Clay & Tea Tree Deodorant. Not only will you smell like a dream, but you'll also feel like you're hugging a unicorn (or at least like you're getting a high-five from Mother Nature). And hey, if this deodorant stick had eyes, it would be winking at you right now. So, why wait? Swipe right, click 'subscribe', or do whatever commitment-free move you're into these days, and join the So Fresh & So Clean Club! Because you deserve to feel fabulous, one fresh swipe at a time. Ready to make your pits party-ready? Let's do this!*

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So Fresh & So Clean Club Intro


Clay & Tea Tree Deodorant {1}, Geranium & Clay Soap {1}, Fresh Tooth Powder {1}, OOTM Intro (Lemongrass {1})

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Hey, Future Freshies! Ready to level up your self-care game and feel like an eco-champion? Say hello to our Fresh Essentials Kit, the ultimate trifecta of fabulousness that's about to make your daily routine sparkle with goodness!*

Fresh Essentials Kit Includes:

  • Luxurious, aluminum-free deodorant wonder stick*
  • Vegan-friendly bar soap that nourishes and cleanses your skin*
  • Revolutionary tooth powder for a dazzling, chemical-free smile*
  • Artisanal, health-enhancing and beauty-boosting essential oil*

First up, let's talk deodorant. Not just any deodorant - our luxurious, aluminum-free wonder stick. It's like a little spa day for your pits, every day. And guess what? You get two wonder sticks so you and your BFF can stay fresh together! Because we all know there's nothing worse than your partner in crime smelling like they crawled out of a dumpster.*

Next, meet our luxury vegan-friendly soap. Imagine cleansing your skin with a bar so divine, even royalty would be jealous. It's kind to your body and the planet - talk about a win-win!*

Thirdly, we present our revolutionary tooth powder. This isn't your grandma's toothpaste - oh no! This is a healthy, toxic-free alternative that keeps your smile dazzling without all those icky chemicals. Your dentist will be so proud!*

Last but not least, you'll receive our Oil Of The Month (OOTM) Intro. Sourced from the finest botanicals, each of our oils embodies nature's purity and therapeutic benefits. Elevate your senses and wellness routine with our carefully curated, distilled-to-perfection essential oils!*

For just $29.95, the Fresh Essentials Kit, has everything you need to become the eco-warrior you were born to be! Whether you're looking to make your daily routine more eco-friendly or simply want to feel fresh, fabulous, and fierce, this transformative kit has everything you need. Bid farewell to irritating chemicals and hello to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that leaves you glowing inside and out!*

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Fresh Essentials Kit


Clay & Tea Tree Deodorant {1}, Charcoal & Cacao Soap {1}, Fresh Tooth Powder {1}, HepaDetox Essential Oil Blend {1}, Lemon Essential Oil {1}, OOTM Combo (Lemongrass {1} and Joy {1})

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Unlock the secret to a healthier, happier you with So Fresh, Clean & Oily - your all-access pass to pure, powerful self-care. Bid farewell to toxic ingredients and hello to pure, powerful pampering with the Ultimate Detox Experience. This carefully curated collection of premium self-care essentials is your ticket to feeling fresher, healthier, and downright fabulous from head to toe. Reclaim your radiance and embark on a transformative journey to total body wellness.*

So Fresh, Clean & Oily:

  • Aluminum-free deodorant that keeps you fresh without harsh chemicals*
  • Toxin-free tooth powder for a naturally dazzling smile*
  • Luxury vegan-friendly soap for a spa-like cleansing experience*
  • HepaDetox Essential Oil to support liver health and detoxification*
  • Lemon Essential Oil to boost skin glow and whole-body rejuvenation*
  • Artisanal, health-enhancing and beauty-boosting essential oils*

First up, let's talk about our superstar toxin-free tooth powder. This isn't just any tooth powder - it's like a health revolution for your mouth. Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and hello to a naturally dazzling smile!*

Next, our healthy aluminum-free deodorant. This little stick of wonder is your ticket to staying fresh without the fear of aluminum. It's like a spa day for your underarms, and your body will thank you!*

Now, meet our HepaDetox essential oil. This isn't just any essential oil - it's specifically designed to help detox your body and keep that superstar organ, your liver, in tip-top shape. Fun fact: your liver can regenerate healthy cells, and HepaDetox is here to help!*

And let's not forget our luxury vegan-friendly soap. Imagine cleansing your skin with something so divine, you'll feel like you've been transported to a five-star spa every time you shower.*

But wait, there's more! Our Lemon essential oil, with its anti-aging and detoxification qualities, is the cherry on top of this detox delight. Your skin will glow, your body will thank you, and you'll feel like a million bucks!*

Last but not least, you'll receive our monthly OOTM Combo, the perfect pairing of a single essential oil and one of our expertly crafted Seasons Of Success blends.*

Here's the kicker: by joining our monthly program, you not only get all these amazing products for just $59.95, but you also get cash back toward future purchases! Plus, you qualify to earn hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in commissions. Imagine getting healthier, looking fabulous, and making money - all at the same time!*

For just $59.95 a month, So Fresh, Clean & Oily is your gateway to a healthier, happier, and wealthier you. Ready to detox, delight, and dazzle while earning some serious cash? Let's do this!*

$59.95 | PIP

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So Fresh, Clean &  Oily

Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. goDesana products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.